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Have you ever wondered about the history of your town, your historic home, or your family? Have you ever been curious about the lives of previous generations? The Carlisle Historical Society has compiled a range of sources to help you explore your questions. On the following research pages you will find:

A brief overview of Carlisle History (1600s – 1900s)
A list of Carlisle histories, all written by Carlisle residents (1920 – 2002)
A list of links to free historical and genealogical sources, all organized by topic and relevance
An historical guide, or interactive map, of Carlisle through which you can explore the town’s past
Carlisle Town Map (1856) with Homeowner Names

Carlisle History (1600s – 1900s)

Did you know that the land that forms the town of Carlisle was once part of four surrounding towns, or that town residents formed the First Library Society as early as 1797? Tap on each of the icons (►) below to read more about Carlisle history through the centuries. All historical information is drawn from Carlisle: Its History and Heritage (1976, 2002), written by long-time Carlisle resident, Ruth Chamberlin Wilkins.

Gleason Public Library (ca. 1896)
Carlisle’s Annual Outing, Old Home Day (1930)
Carlisle in the 1600s
Carlisle in the 1700s
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