Carlisle Historical Society Awarded Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant

Carlisle Historical Society has been awarded a two-year, $43,000 matching grant by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.
Award dollars will be used to repair and preserve the historic Samuel Heald House and Museum.

The Society has two years to raise the matching funds. and it is already on its way to meeting its first-year goal.
If you would like to make a donation to support our fundraising efforts, please visit our Donation Page.

The Samuel Heald House was built in 1743 by Carlisle minuteman Samuel Heald and his wife Rebecca Fletcher.
In 1784 the house was severely damaged by a fire in which Samuel Heald and his son John lost their lives.
The house was rebuilt and expanded over the years. In 2001 the Carlisle Historical Society purchased Heald House to save it from demolition, and today it is home to the Carlisle Historical Society and Health House Museum.

To read more about the Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant, please see their announcement below.

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