Museum Open at Heald House on the Third Sunday of Every Month

Carlisle’s Historical Artifacts on Display

The Heald House will be open to the public from 2:00 pm till 5:00 pm on the third Sunday of each month,  During these hours the various artifacts that have been assembled over the past century or more are on display in several rooms of the house, including pots, pans, toasters, and ovens clustered ‘round the fireplace; tools for carding, spinning and weaving of wool, cotton, and linen; examples of needlework and other crafts; tools of farming, husbandry, and light industry; items from the home of Dr. Austen Marsh, who practiced medicine in Carlisle for sixty years ending in 1900; clothes worn by former citizens of Carlisle; a horse-drawn hearse built in the 1860s; and many other items from a more primitive time.

Admission is free and refreshments are available.