The Carlisle Historical Society

Founded on May 3, 1933 by 34 charter members, the Carlisle Historical Society was incorporated as a private, non-profit organization forty-two years later on October 2, 1975. The Society was re-incorporated with revised by-laws on December 2, 1999.

The Society’s early meetings were held in the Red Brick School House, before it became part of the Carlisle Public School campus. Throughout the years, the Society worked closely with Carlisle town officials and Gleason Public Library staff to collect, preserve, and share artifacts from the town’s past. In 1975, the Society undertook the publication of a town history as a special bicentennial project. Today, the Society continues to curate and display artifacts in the Heald House Museum and sponsor educational programs for the public on a range of topics.

For more details see, Carlisle Historical Society Celebrates the Past, by Conni Manoli-Skocay and Stephanie Upton, Carlisle Mosquito (Nov 26, 2004).


Membership in the Carlisle Historical Society is open to all Carlisle residents. There is no established membership dues; rather, membership is granted to any resident who makes an annual donation of any amount to the Society.

Annual Meeting

The Carlisle Historical Society hold its annual meeting in December. All Carlisle residents are invited to attend the meeting, and Society members may vote on business items.


– President: Phil Drew (
– Vice President: Jack Troast
– Secretary: Vacant
– Treasurer: Phil Drew (Acting)
– Curator: John Troast (

Directors & Consultants

– Charlie Andreassen
– Dana Booth
– Charlie Forsberg (President Emeritus)
– Amy Lee
– John Lee
– Annie Luttmann
– Dan Tencza
– Donna Vienneau
– Dan Wilson
– Larry Sorli (Architecture Consultant)

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